The Ultimate Commuter: Focus Urban 8

by on March 5, 2011
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Focus Urban 8 - With Carbon Belt Drive
If you commute to work by bike, one of your main concerns is probably your appearance once you arrive. While you can brush off and forget sweat and messy hair, grease stains can ruin even the toughest pair of pants. While mud guards and other protection can do a pretty good job, the fact remains that derailleurs and chains are dirty, fragile and require lots of maintenance.

Focus Urban 8 Belt Drive

Focus Urban 8 Belt Drive


The solution? Bikes like the Focus Urban 8. With a clean, stripped-down look, the Focus Urban 8 packs in style along with features. Featuring an eight-speed internal hub, connected to a carbon belt, which requires little maintenance and no lubrication, the Focus Urban 8 simplifies your commuter ride to the max. Disc brakes are included to ensure you have complete control on your way.

While I could probably ramble on for a while about this, I’ll wait until I try one out. Take a look at the details at the Focus Urban 8 Official Site

If you’re looking to buy online, I have not yet been able to find a merchant that sells them. You can find other great Bikes by Focus online. Click Here to see what’s available.

Pulling a Bike Trailer: Take Your Family Along for the Ride

by on March 2, 2011
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Schwinn Joyrider Bicycle Trailer

Getting our Joyrider Ready for a Ride

If you are searching for a fun, interactive way to include your family in an exercise routine, a bike trailer may be the perfect solution. With your little ones securely in tow, you can benefit from a demanding bike ride outdoors while enjoying the fresh air.

As long as you can ride a bike, you can pull a trailer. The trailer provides additional resistance, creating a more effective workout than simply biking alone. Pulling a trailer is especially beneficial for your legs, helping to tone and shape (something every new mom can appreciate!). You are sure to incinerate calories while having fun.

Most bike trailers have a seating capacity for two children, with a standard weight limit of 100 pounds.  Basically, any child from 1 to 5 years of age can ride. Children are safely buckled in with a 5 point harness. Be sure to find a helmet that properly fits, as childhood is the time to teach bike safety. We are currently using the Schwinn Joyrider Bicycle Trailer and Jogging Stroller, and love it.

Our boys love “go go going!” as our two year old says. They can literally ride as long as I can pedal, or until we switch the trailer to my husband’s bicycle. We purchased an additional coupler for less than $10. This allows for virtually seamless transfer of the trailer without taking the back wheels off to move the equipment. We often go to a local park with miles of paved trail, and spend the evening riding. Then the boys  play while we recuperate from the ride.

Chariot Carriers CX 2 Stroller / Trailer Chassis The Chariot CX2 is top of the line in the bike trailer world. Sleek and stylish, it provides a smooth and effortless ride on 20’’ rear wheels and suspension system. Conversion kits are also available for the CX2 to convert it into a jogging stroller, cross country ski trailer, and hiker. Weather is no deterrent, as the CX2 comes standard with a 2-in-1 weather cover, providing sun and precipitation protection, as well as functioning as a bug guard. The spacious cabin comes with removable fleece liners, perfect for cold weather. In the summer, these are easily removed. The rear storage bag has specialized compartments for your wallet, cell phone, and keys. The fabric of the chassis is photo-luminescent for added visibility, and a strobe light kit is available for additional visibility. Basically, the Chariot CX2 is the best you can get.
Burley Bee Bike Trailer A more affordable quality option is the Burley Bee trailer. A simple trailer, the Bee has standard features such as a 5 point mesh harness, washable mesh seat bottoms, a 2-in-1 weather and bug guard, reflective trim, and a safety flag. The Bee is lightweight and easy to move, at less than 20 pounds. It is perfect for the novice rider.

Pulling a bike trailer is an enjoyable way to exercise that involves your family. By getting your kids involved, you are teaching them a lifelong appreciation for exercising, specifically cycling, and encouraging them to be physically fit. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect they’ll acquire is a love of the outdoors. Be safe, and have fun!

The Awesome, Lightweight Mako Bike Tool

by on January 28, 2011
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The Ultra-Light Mako Bike Tool

The mako bike tool is definitely one of the coolest looking bike tools that I’ve ever seen. This is probably one of the many reasons that it was a Best in Show winner at the latest Outdoor Retailer show. Attached to a reflective lanyard, The MAKO bike tool comes with 5 sizes of metric box wrenches, four 1/4″ driver bits, 2 spoke wrench sizes and even a bottle opener for your post-ride brew.


Although there are a few notable omissions (tire levers, chain tool), this ultra-compact lightweight tool definitely deserves a spot in your arsenal.

Made from aerospace titanium and weighting in at only 19 grams, you don’t have to worry about it adding any precious weight to your ride. What more could you ask for?

Get yours here:
PocketToolX Mako Multi Tool
, or check out the other innovative multi-tools by PocketToolX: Click Here

Would you carry one?

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