Bicycle Couriers: Are They Making a Comeback?

Have you ever seen a bicycle courier? I’ve seen a few trolling around larger cities like NYC, but even then not too many.

Enter: Ecotrack Cycle Couriers. These guys have brought the cycling courier back to Oklahoma and at the moment, provide the only totally eco-friendly courier service in Oklahoma. They deliver with no emissions, and on sweet rides at that. Here’s why they say you should use a cycling courier:


Benefits of using bicycle messengers versus car couriers for deliveries include:

  • Reduced pollution
  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Save on-street parking for more necessary activities and emergencies
  • Faster
  • Cheaper

Bicycle couriers provide solutions to the environmental problems related to many forms of pollution such as air, noise and smell. The more couriers on bikes there are, the fewer cars there are and therefore the less carbon dioxide emissions. More bikes mean less noise and stench. Bike messengers take up less space on the road and do less damage to the roads than cars. More bike couriers mean less gridlock and fewer road repairs.
As a result more bike couriers mean better conditions and streets for all road users including motorists.

And I couldn’t agree more. In cities clogged more and more with cumbersome, polluting automobiles, cyclists CAN be faster, and because of that be cheaper. Furthermore, if all couriers rode bikes, how much clearer would the roads be for you? I dig what these guys are doing and hope to see it spread.

Do your  cities have bicycle couriers? Are you one? Let us know in the comments!

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